Our Goal is to Put more Money in Our Associate’s Paychecks

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September 19th, 2022

Investment pushes hourly compensation above $22 for the majority of Associates

Kroger continues to encourage the UFCW to join the company in doing what is best for everyone in moving forward with the new contract.

The company’s most recent contract contained significant investments in associate wages, proposing an investment of more than $120 million in new wages over the next three years.

What would this investment mean for a cashier?

A cashier’s current wage is $17.10 an hour. Here is how that would change under the terms that Kroger negotiated:

  • 2022 + .65 cents = $17.75
  • 2023 + .50 cents = $18.25
  • 2024 + .65 cents = $18.90


“We have two objectives for these contract negotiations: to invest more money in our associates’ paychecks and keep groceries affordable for our customers,” said Dana Zurcher, president of the Kroger Columbus division. Our contract adds to our associates’ paychecks while providing them with premium health care coverage and a company-funded pension – which many of our competitors do not offer.”

Kroger Columbus Division’s average hourly rate (AHR) increased 12.5% since 2019 and 3.7% in last 12 months. The average hourly wage is $22 an hour when industry-leading health care and pension benefits are factored in.



To learn more about negotiations and the benefits offered to our associates, please visit KrogerColumbusCBA.com.


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